Females pull more than their own weight

Powerlifting records were smashed yesterday at a local gym Performance Training Centre Sydney (PTC).

Tested on squat, bench and deadlift, twenty-four competitors gathered at the Auburn gym for the NSW Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC) State Titles and broke a dozen records.

Lifting a total of 207kg, first-time competitor Rachael Fisher broke the squat and deadlift national record for her weight class.

Rachael Fisher as she breaks the national recordImage

“You hit more personal bests in that environment because everyone’s cheering and it gives you more confidence. You also want to hit the number because everyone’s watching,” Rachael says.

Rachael was one of seven females to compete on the day.

“It would be good for more girls to get into powerlifting to show that we can do the stuff males do as well and it doesn’t have to be a male dominated sport” she says.

Before powerlifting, Rachael attended a number of gyms and followed the advice of their personal trainers.                                                                          

“It was just boring. You didn’t know what you were doing it for,” she says.

“[Powerlifting] has more benefits. It’s about achieving something. You go in and always aim for a personal best, but even if you don’t get it, it gives you confidence to keep trying.”

Opened less than two years ago, the gym now has over 100 members and growing.

PTC Sydney owner, Trent Nguyen was very happy with the event, describing it as “uplifting and supportive”.

Mr Nguyen says his gym has a distinctive atmosphere.

“There are no mirrors in the gym so there is no posing. Everyone here comes to lift to the best of their ability. Whether they’re lifting 50kg or 300kg, everyone is striving to get stronger and fitter”, he says.

“In a commercial gym, not many people get the chance to train strength. You go in and there are people curling in the racks, half squatting and doing exercises incorrectly and injuring themselves. At PTC we teach technique”.

Women’s Results

Name Age Body weight (kg) Squat (kg) Bench (kg) Deadlift (kg) Total (kg)
Deborah Chen 26 52 100 37.5 95 232.5
Joanne Huynh 20 51.7 70 37.5 75 182.5
Patricia Merzen 23 51.1 50 25 85 160
Rachael Fisher 22 59.8 67.5 40 100 207.5
Lisa Van Derhout 20 57.7 50 35 70 145
Esther Smithard 45 63.6 65 62.5 100 227.5
Heather 30 131.3 135 70 145 350